The best waterproof dog blanket for comfort and protection

The best waterproof dog blanket for comfort and protection

We all wish our pets were perfect, and many of us are foolish enough to believe that lie we tell ourselves “this was a one-time thing,” “they hardly ever pee inside,” or “certainly this will be the last couch they chew up.” Believe me when I say this: mistakes happen - no one is at fault.

Dogs are individuals, and even the best-trained individuals can have bad days and accidents.

So whether your perfect dog tends to make mistakes on the bed, in the car, or on the carpet…you’ll find that waterproof blankets are the perfect solution. We’ve gone ahead and dug through the reviews for you, sniffed out all the best products, and feel confident proudly presenting our best finds in the world of waterproof dog blankets.

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Reasons you need pet-proof protection

So before you trick yourself into believing, “I certainly don’t need to buy a waterproof dog blanket, my dog is perfect…”, let’s look at some of the various reasons this investment may be your next best purchase.

Changing seasons

For those of us that live with varying seasons throughout the year, dealing with wet spring and fall, cold winters, and hot sweaty summers can lead to a collection of unexpected dog-related messes.

Depending on the breed and temperament of your dog you may be more inclined to have them spend more time in/outdoors depending on the weather, and this can have both positive and negative implications on your furniture. There are some easy tips and tricks we’ve picked up over the years, however, that may make your life a bit easier.

  • Spring or Fall - When the weather is rainy and cold your dog will be just damp enough when they come in to be an inconvenience, but not wet enough to merit a full rub down. Keeping a doggie-specific microfiber cloth near the door is an easy way to give them a quick-drying on their way in.
  • Summer - If you are an airconditioned household beware that your dog’s shedding schedule may be a bit out of whack due to the colder temperatures inside. If you are a box fan and misery type household keeps note of your dogs panting, sometimes while laying on the couch they will create quite the puddle of drool while keeping themselves cool.
  • Winter - That microfiber cloth may still do the trick for this colder season, but if you live in a place with lots of snow you may want to grab a doggie rug as well and wipe their paws off when they come in. Getting the snowpack out of your dog’s paws not only prevents little puddles from popping up around your house, but it also helps keep their feet in a healthier condition since salt, small rocks, and other debris can be harmful and cause agitation.

All of those tips are great ways to keep your house and furniture dryer and cleaner, no matter what the season is, but some of us don’t have the time or energy to maintain such a routine. Instead, grabbing a waterproof furniture cover or blanket and putting it over the most likely spot your dog will go after coming back inside, whether that be their bed or favorite couch, can save you loads of trouble and time.

Classic dog problems

Dogs are pretty consistent, and it’s one of the major reasons we consider them humankind’s best friend, but unfortunately, those consistencies also apply to less than desirable traits as well. Whether it be genetics or weird behavioral tics, some dogs are just more prone to be messier than others. But don’t worry, there are often ways to handle these problems - both through training remedies and products available online.

The overly slobbery and the perpetual self-groomer

Sometimes this is breed-related, sometimes it was a habit picked up when they were a pup, and sometimes it comes and goes in phases - no matter the reason, these types of dogs tend to make a drooly mess wherever they go. You can curb these behaviors by changing the water dish, ensuring your pet doesn’t have worms or other digestive tract issues or leaving a box of tissues around to wipe up their slobbery mouths with.

Dogs that lack complete bladder control

Whether due to age, lack of training, or the fact that they just get really excited when you come home from work, some dogs pee inside. This can be helped in some dogs, but in the cases where bladder control is lost do to health problems, turning to waterproof blankets for your dog to sleep on are your best bet. For all the other dogs, check out our guide on potty training to get yourself on the path to a urine-free floor.

The ones that dig, dig, dig

You may not know this, but the reason your dog digs into the blankets before lying down in bed with you is that they smell a delicious roast dinner being made in the apartment underneath you and they simply must get to it.

Don’t live in an apartment? Then the reason they are digging is to create a bit more fluff in the blankets before they settle themselves down, much like we do with our pillows. The problem is that they have claws that can accidentally tear through that nice duvet you have, which is the exact reason you may want to cover it with a waterproof (and tear-resistant) blanket that doubles as a furniture cover or throw.

Picking the perfect protection

Did you spend hours, days, weeks even deliberating on the perfect couch, remember? You went to all the furniture stores, sat on every couch you could find, and when you finally found the right one you knew your whole world would be brighter and comfier because of it.

Now you’re in the market to potentially protect that couch from your best four-legged friend, and conveniently we’ve done the research for you. There are a few different uses you may want to use a waterproof dog blanket for:

  • Protecting your furniture
  • Protecting your car seats
  • Protecting that one spot on the floor your dog loves to lay on (you know the one right by the vent, that is also in the perfect location that gets wafted with smells from the kitchen)
  • Protecting your dog’s bed
  • Adding extra comfort to your dog’s crate

Given the variety of uses a waterproof blanket can have, you should be armed with the best knowledge when choosing throw to cover all possible situations.

Things to look for in a waterproof blanket:

Quality - Having a dog bed that falls apart a few months after you buy it is no good. Plus, loose stitches and subpar fabric can be dangerous to your dog since they can snag their nails and teeth. The same thing goes for any dog product. Double checking manufacturing locations, provided warranties, and company sales record are easy ways to ensure high quality.

Side note, if you’re looking for the best dog bed check out the one we recommend more than any other here.

Comfort - Your best friend deserves warmth and a delightfully snuggly place to rest. Blankets that are crinkly are definitely something to avoid since the sound will keep you and your dog up all night every time they move.

Durability - Your dog is going to dig, chew on, roll around on, potentially drag through the house, and who knows what else with this blanket - it has to hold up. Unfortunately, only time can stand testament to the durability of a product, so by using existing customer reviews you can establish an idea of how long you can expect your purchase to last.

The top three waterproof dog blankets

We’ve done the research, scoured the reviews, and done our due diligence (short of peeing on the blankets ourselves for science) to sort the inferior from the best. Without further ado, here are our top three picks!

Mambe 100% Waterproof Pet Blanket

Mambe blankets are made in the U.S.A. (Pacific Northwest), using a 100% waterproof internal membrane that is designed to protect against even the wettest scenarios.

There are a couple of things that really set Mambe blankets apart from the crowd: their varying sizes to easily fit any piece of furniture in your house, the fact that they are machine washable (and stand up to hundreds of washes without losing their waterproofing), and that they are super comfortable. 

They’re a bit pricier than their competitors, but with their high-quality materials and durability, you’ll find that you don’t have to replace them nearly as often as some of the other waterproof blankets on the market. This premium pet blanket is strong and tear-resistant, while still having that deluxe and plush material feel. 


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Easily to wash and dry
  • No crinkle
  • Super responsive customer service (lifetime guarantee)


  • Pricier than competitors
  • Two-tone options may fuse together if you dry them on too high of heat (contact customer support if this happens)
  • Your dog will never want to get out of bed : )

You can read more reviews and purchase the Mambe blanket at Amazon.

If you’ve got the extra money to throw around, this is the blanket for you and your canine. If you are on a bit of a budget then the next blanket is definitely a better choice for you and your furry friend.

Teton Dog 100% Waterproof Fleece Dog Blanket

Designed to stay put (when your dog doesn’t), so you won’t have to keep fixing the blanket every time you come into the room. Teton Dog makes a serious contender in the world of waterproof dog blankets, and the only thing keeping it from the number one spot is the lack of a lifetime warranty.

These covers come in a variety of fun patterns and designs, are made in the United States, and require no special washing or drying attention. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense blanket that will protect your furniture and spruce up your decor, this is the one for you.


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Super easy to wash and dry
  • Breathable
  • Fun patterns
  • Stain-locking fabric to ensure leaks don’t get to your furniture (and instead come out in your washing machine)


  • Sizing varies by pattern
  • Lack of extensive warranty
  • Not reversible

You can read more reviews and buy the Teton Dog fleece blanket on Amazon.

This blanket is a serious bang for your buck, will stay on your furniture where you intend it to be, and looks great. The major problem is that you have to pick sizes based on patterns, which is rather tedious.

Ruffwear Water Resistant Blanket

Offering the market a slightly different option from the standard plush blanket, Ruffwear brings the convenience of camping style gear to the dog blanket world. This blanket is filled with recycled polyester to reduce carbon footprint, and conveniently stuffs into a small carrying sack for easy transport.

It’s quick-drying, made by a company that specializes in dog-related camping gear, and offers that extra bit of comfort whether your dog is at home on your bed or spending time next to a campfire with you. One major perk that we love about this blanket is its extreme scratch, chew, and tear-resistant nature. This ensures that you’ll use it time and time again no matter what you (and your dog) put it through.


  • Stuff sack for easy transport
  • Extra stuffing for warmth
  • Extremely durable
  • Made by a reputable camping gear company


  • A bit pricey for the size
  • Will make noise when scratched or shifted due to fabric
  • Water-resistant coating (and not layer) so you need to be careful when washing
  • Not made for overly large dogs

You can see photos and read more reviews of the Ruffwear blanket on Amazon.

For the avid hiker and dog lover, this blanket is the perfect gift for your four-legged camper. It doubles nicely as a convenient car blanket given its ability to stuff into a sack, and so long as you treat it with the same care as your other camping gear it should last for many years.

Pet Fusion Micro Plush

For those of you who still aren’t convinced they need a waterproof blanket for their dog, but still want to offer their dog ultra-soft comfort and cozy evenings we have one last recommendation: Pet Fusion micro plush.

These blankets are seriously comfortable, come with a great warranty, and are cheap enough that you don’t feel bad lining a few different couches and chairs with them.

Keep in mind, they’re not waterproof but easy to wash and add an extra layer of protection. If you don’t need the waterproofing, but still want a super comfortable blanket to keep your canine happy then check out the Petfusion micro plush(not waterproof but still comfy).

Making decisions can be ruff

Which is exactly why we wanted to provide you with our top three choices in the waterproof dog blanket world. We hope that our research and experience with these products helps you to make a great decision for you and your pet.

Happy snuggling!

Feature image: G. Weston